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Atascocita Ace Hardware

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    Whether you prefer to cook with gas, charcoal briquettes, natural lump charcoal, wood, or pellets, we have you covered. Come in and check out our full line of grills and grilling accessories! 

    Fuel your grilling passion

    Weber grill shish kabob

    Weber Grills

    Looking for the original style Weber kettle or the simplicity of gas or a vertical smoker? We have an extensive lineup of Weber grills and accessories in stock. Come in and speak with one of our passionate grilling experts.

    Big Green Egg chicken roasting smoking

    Big Green Egg

    What's so great about a Big Green Egg? This grill can do a long slow smoke at 225 degrees or sear delicious steaks at 700 degrees or anything in between. And, it uses all natural lump charcoal or wood chunks for great flavor!

    Traeger pellet grill BBQ ribs smoking

    Traeger Pellet Grills

    Choose your wood pellet, set the temperature, and just leave it. The next thing you know, you have a great meal from a long smoke to a quick burger! Choose from mesquite, hickory, oak, apple, cherry, alder, Texas beef blend, or the big game blend.